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Book making in the most beautiful library in Manchester!

Home Learning Superstars…

We have had an amazing response to home learning so far in Year 5 with over 10 people already bringing in research!! Check some of it out here…

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August: A Brave Wonder

T4W Biography

In English we have been learning how to write biographies in Y5. To help us we have used talk for writing. By being able to speak a biography with actions to help us we will be able to write one of our own too.

Year 5 – What is your favourite action? Which grown-up did you show it to for your homework?

Home Learning Challenge Summer 2


Pupils, Parents and Carers,

Our Year 5 topic for this half term is: Change

In class we are going to be exploring these questions:

Why do things change?

What would happen if we never grew up?

How do plants reproduce?

Do all animals grow in the same way?

Pupils’ Home Learning Challenge!

Here are some ideas for this half term’s learning challenge! These are to be completed over this term and should be brought to school before Tuesday 12th July.

Remember you can complete as many challenges as you wish:

We look forward to seeing your research!! Which one do you think you are going to do?

Task 1 Research: How do plants grow? Think of an interesting way to present your research. Can you make a poster or power point presentation?
Task 2 Bake: What food represents you and your interests? Bake something that shows you and how extraordinary you are. I am imagining X-box biscuits, Shopkin cupcakes or football rolls…
Task 3 Write a postcard to our class which has your favourite positive quote on it. I like ‘when given the choice between being right and being kind – choose kind’ from the book Wonder.
Task 4 Invent and draw: your own animal and draw a life cycle for it. Decide which type of animal it is. When does it become an adult?

King Lear Learning Challenge


King Lear

Pupils, Parents and Carers,

Our Year 5 topic for this half term is: King Lear

In class we are

Pandora’s Persuasion

Watch this GREAT video by Jack M. Persuading Pandora not to open the box …

Jack M Pandora Persuasion Jan 2016 from Paul Cowburn on Vimeo.

India and Pakistan

Welcome back Year 5, hope you’ve all had a relaxing break!

Lily and Molly the talking bunny going to Saturn!

One day Lily and Molly were leaving planet Venus to go to Saturn Molly thinks that Saturn’s  rings are made out of ice freezing cold ice. But Lily said to that Saturn’s rings are made out of dust and rocks and ice.So they got on their airplane rocket and flew all the way to Saturn and they flew on Saturn’s rings Lily was a chemistry girl so she took some samples of Saturn’s dust and rock and ice.

To Be Continued

Sabrena and Divani and Vienna going to earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabrena and Friends Heading Back Home!! 🙂

“We’re going home we’re going home home home home home!” cheered Divani “OK girls lets go to my house first and pack then come back here and…” said Sabrena “GO TO PLANET GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” cheered Sabrena and Divani and Vienna 🙂  12 hours later they started packing for planet goodness then went to planet goodness. when they landed on planet goodness they cheered “PLANET GOODNESS PLANET GOODNESS HOORAY YAY YAY  YAY




My Story Final

     Continuing From Sabrena And Divani In The Space Hotel

Sabrena and Divani and Mint hid in the pool suddenly we heard “Sabrena what are you doing with that girl i thought we were friends and who’s that candy girl?”  I looked left and saw Vienna “Vienna meet Divani and Mint.We just met Mint in the lift when we heard it and this is Divani i met her at the green school she had no friends not even one until i came and saw her she was all alone so we asked each other our names and other stuff :)” i said “I’ve been in here for 12 hours” said Vienna. Then the girls got out of the pool and then they where surrounded by aliens “SLIT UP IN PAIRS FOR OUR LIVES!” shouted Sabrena “OK Vienna let’s use my secret phones for emergency” said Sabrena later on Mint and Divani were fighting of aliens when we met again we got out the space hotel said goodbye to Mint and went to there rocket “Hope Mint takes care of herself” said Divani driving the rocket “She will said Sabrena checking the map “next stop um what was it where we’re going to” asked Vienna ” PLANET GOODNESS BUT FIRST EARTH!” Sabrena and Divani said Happliy


Sabrena And Divani In The Space Hotel

Author: Sabrena Peart

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